I am a NLP Master Practitioner and have trained with leaders in their field Robert Dilts, Suzie Smith, Tad James and Ian McDermott among others.

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming is concerned with how a person's physical, emotional and mental systems store and process information about their experiences in life. A relatively small adjustment in how you deal with this information holistically can make a big difference to how you live your life and how you feel.

I am also an experienced Reiki Master and Teacher. Reiki is a Japanese healing system using universal life force energy. All you have to do is to lie fully clothed on a comfortable couch and relax. The wonderfully gentle and relaxing energy rebalances your system holistically. Reiki can also be used for distance healing.

I have worked as a Therapist since 1997 and have successfully dealt with a wide range of life issues for clients.

I also use my skills to help people to achieve their personal and professional goals.

All sessions are in strict confidence and uphold the highest professional standards.