The Akashic records

"We can't make new discoveries without
stepping beyond the boundaries
of what we currently know."

Giselle Green, best selling author

The Akashic Records are the records of everything that is or has happened in the universe. This means that everything you think, feel, say or do is recorded and stored in perpetuity. This occurs automatically. It is a natural function of the consciousness element of the universe.

If you imagine an old-fashioned magnetic sound recording tape, upon which sound is impressed. And then imagine it not as flat and straight, but as three dimensional, and not simply as just being capable of being impressed with sound but also with movement, smells, tastes, colours, pictures and even thoughts and emotions, you have an idea of what is going on around you, all of the time. The emotional charge of an Aakashic Record is its most important aspect, around which other aspects of the record are organised.

It is only recently that science has started to probe into the idea of an organising consciousness in the universe with for example, the Gaia theory. Previously, the idea of an overall consciousness has been the preserve of religion, with various levels of acceptance, depending on the cultural norms of the time.

The recent scientific realisation that empty space contains a mysterious “dark matter” which makes up a large proportion of the weight of the universe demonstrates how little we yet know scientifically of these vast, unseen (or metaphysical) realms.

However, from ancient times, mystics of various traditions have been not only able to describe these metaphysical realms, but to make use of them. The Akashic Records are the energy imprints on the magnetic surface of consciousness within the metaphysical realms.

In order to access the Akashic Records, a person must first enter into the metaphysical part of themselves, that is, into their own inner realms. In a similar way, at the other end of the scale, it is easier to interact with the physical world using one’s physical body. After that, it is all fine tuning, intent and aptitude which brings results.