Past Lives

The Akashic Records contain information relating to all Past Lives.

You may wish to access information about your Past Life, either for therapeutic reasons (to understand and untangle a difficult current life issue), or simply because you are interested to know more about yourself. Doing so invariably brings up significant and meaningful information which goes deep to the root of something important in your current life, giving a new perspective.

Whether you believe in past lives or not - and whether you choose to call them past life experiences, collective consciousness, tuning in to other people who have existed quite separate from you, or "just" imagination - the images, behaviour patterns and experiences described will create a resonance which is very difficult to dismiss as mere coincidence.

During a Session I will access an appropriate Past Life and describe to you what happens, what I feel and what I see. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and to direct me to areas you'd particularly like to look at. I will also offer techniques to aid your understanding and integration of the new information.

For those who would like to experience a Past Life for themselves, I can guide you through the process safely and provide support for you in understanding and making positive use of the information.