Channelled Guidance

In my experience, each person has a personal guide who is there to help if called upon. The role of the guide seems to be to act as a positive companion; to urge you on to be the best you can be; to witness your successes and your suffering and to comfort you when all else seems to have fallen away. All this is done quietly, without intrusion into your everyday awareness, unless you choose to allow it in.

Guides offer an enormous source of wisdom and common sense. From their position in the non-physical world, they can see our trials and tribulations from a different, more elevated stance. They offer guidance which will lead to our greater spiritual unfoldment. Sometimes this guidance can be hard to follow through because it challenges our current beliefs, status quo and what we regard as reality. However, there is no judgement if we fail to live up to their higher vision for us; guides will always take us as we are now. The love is unconditional. They are also ready for us to be smart, to find our own innovative ways to deal with things, and so expand the knowledge of the universe. They are willing for us to make mistakes and totally accept our use of free will. No matter how many times we fall, they are there for us when we are ready to get up and have another go.

My own personal guide, Melthusibar, is particularly good at advising on relationship issues and spiritual development. In providing such advice, he also links in to your personal guide and relays and translates the information for me. I write down what he tells me and can email you with the answers to your questions. Alternatively, I can go directly to your personal guide, though the style of answer may vary in relation to the character and language format of your guide.

As well as personal guides, who stay with us throughout a lifetime, we have other, more task orientated guides, who often appear in groups and are with us for a specific amount of time in order to help us to achieve a particular task. I can also channel messages from these guides by the methods described above. The information will be more specific to an ongoing goal.